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Our Consultants

Here in Pulsar Connexions, we assist our clients in fighting cyber attacks and threats, by enabling and equipping our resources to work closely with our clients, to identify and to recommend solutions to solve your security challenges and issues in the quickest possible time.

We leverage on highly-acclaimed Israeli cyber security technologies and tools, and we seek to offer top-notch quality service and consultancy to our clients. Our team will work diligently and tirelessly to recommend and follow-through with each client, ensuring an effective solution for your every need.

Our consultants are trained to advise you on the following:

Cyber security training and literacy, both online and in-person, standard or customised programs for client specific; hands-on simulator lab.

Machine-intelligent web security, integrated WAF and DDoS mitigation solution, up to L7 protection, on-prem and cloud based, employing an unique VPC for each client, can be deployed on top of your existing one, free trial available

Mobile and IoT security, on-prem or cloud-based, creating and managing closed-network environment, one solution for all devices

Founder & Director

LeongChee Loo

LeongChee has more than 30 years of experience working in different industries and functions, and have held senior leadership roles in public-listed companies. He has worked with people from diverse international countries and cultures for a large part of his career, and at the forefront of his belief is that delighting customers is paramount. Qualifications include MBA (UK) and CIM (UK).

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